Wanderings & Musings of the Madaperas

Intraplanetary journeying and documenting of said journeying.

Getting into the holiday spirit at Strings ramen shop in Chinatown. Note the blood-spattered knives.
This yoga room is at Midway Airport near gate C1. Just wanted to issue a public service announcement.

NYTimes: The Gummi Bear Chronicles

How to properly eat gummi bears. In honor of the best holiday, coming up.

Farmer creates 'Pumpkinstein' patch in time for Halloween

Get your Pumpkinstein!

James Foley memorial mural on 18th in Pilsen, Chicago.

Logan Square, Chicago.

Visiting the city by the Bay. Had some Mission pie, visited Grace Cathedral, had lunch at Francis Ford Coppola’s restaurant, got strawberries for $1 in Chinatown, and went to a wedding of an old friend.

Hello world, from a wedding in San Francisco.

NYTimes: Clay Aiken Takes Lessons From ‘American Idol’ to the Campaign Trail

Just wow… Clay Aiken running for Congress.

Pullman car goes by on the 16th Street Bridge. In Ping Tom Park, Chicago.