Wanderings & Musings of the Madaperas

Intraplanetary journeying and documenting of said journeying.

Kitty almost knocked over the pottery. At Khnemu Studio in Fennville, MI.
These baby chicks were terrorized by the cat. They’re pretty smart, even at 2 weeks old. 

At Khnemu Studio in Fennville.
Singapore Books in Saugatuck, Michigan.
Our COO.

The Skeleton Garden of Paris

This place must be David Sedaris’s dream spot in Paris.

Detroit: Buy in now, become a mogul.

The post-post-apocalyptic optimism of Detroit.



Did you know that there is a specific NFL rule against “gyrating” in celebration after a touchdown?

This article details how the World Cup celebrations get down, get dirty, and get generally bizarre.

Iron & Wine at the Columbus Theatre in Providence.

Student gets stuck in giant stone vagina in Germany

This is my intern’s friend.