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Wicker Park, Chicago

Kayaking on the Chicago River! Watch out for the dead rats though…
Bang Bang in Logan Square.
The last unicorn… Killed by eating too much garbage.

Hear This

For anyone who has ever rode the Quiet Car on the Northeast Corridor, you’ll die laughing from this article.

"While we regret the discontinuation of our popular Bar Car service, Metro-North is pleased to announce a new program that should provide comfort and freedom of choice on rides in and out of Grand Central Terminal. This initiative is an expansion of our Quiet Car program and will be known as Hush Plus. Each car on every rush-hour train will be designated one of the following: Quiet, Almost Quiet, Normal Amount of Noise, It’s Getting Louder, or Insanely Loud."

"Quiet Car: For many commuters, the Quiet Car has never been quiet enough. Now it will be. Sounds once tolerated, such as a cellphone whisper ("Can’t talk - I’m in the Quiet Car"), will now result in a fifteen dollar fine or deboarding at 125th Street."

"Insanely Loud Car: Almost named the Earsplitting F-Bomb Car, as it will be filled with young adults adjusting to the burden of first jobs."

Old time Budweiser truck, on the side of a country road in Wisconsin. Oh the places it’s been…
Rail cars along the Wisconsin highway.


"You can’t shit a shitter." (A reply he made to a Soviet official in the 70s) 

"There’s no use dying on a small cross." (Said when visiting Israel) 

"Folks, I can tell you that I’ve known eight Presidents, three of them intimately."

And a non-Biden-generated quote, during the last election: “Biden’s teeth are so white, they’re voting for Romney.” 

"A suitable safe is provided in the hotel office for the safe keeping of Money, Jewels, Jewelry, Watches, Ornaments, Railroad Mileage Books and Tickets, Bank Notes, Bonds, Negotiable Securities, and Precious Stones belonging to guests." 

It’s like this is a hotel in the Wild West. In the 1890s.

Meatballs explained by a 7 year old. (my worker’s son, in fact)

I thought that the presentation was concise and to the point.