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"A grand experiment in undergraduate education: a small, globe-trotting cohort whose college experience is almost entirely removed from the traditional campus.” - Coverage: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/newsdesk/2014/04/are-college-campuses-obsolete.html

A. Can I go back to college?

B. I think that I found where my kids should go… that is, my future hypothetical children.

Rat + Gun. Angell St, Providence.

‘Mad Men’ Enters Its Final Season in an Altered World

I must admit that I did just purchase Frank O’Hara’s “Meditations in an Emergency.”

I felt nostalgic for Don Draper, upon viewing this work by Stuart Davis. 

"Lucky Strike", 1921.
Keerthi found himself merging with a Marchel Duchamp art work, at the Museum of Modern Art. 

"To Be Looked At (from the Other Side of the Glass) with One Eye, Close To, for Almost an Hour", 1918.

Rules for crashing at your buddy’s place

Are you too old to crash? A handy guide to find out.

Knitted light pole on Shawmut Ave in the South End of Boston.

The Dark Power of Fraternities

I’m pretty sure that you will have to read this article, after seeing this sentence:

"It takes a certain kind of personal-injury lawyer to look at the facts of this glittering night and wrest from them a plausible plaintiff and defendant, unless it were possible for Travis Hughes to be sued by his own anus."

Ja Rule Responds To Gay Rumors, Denies Leaving His Wife For Prison Cellmate

Don’t deny your love, Ja.

Vishnu Kaliappa. 

Horologist. Ornithologist. Chef & recipe creator. Superbike enthusiast & rallyist. Interior designer. Wildlife photographer.

Clearly a man to know, if you ever go to Yercaud, India.